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1. Mixolydian Scale Drill Through the Circle of 5ths

  • Website Links

1. Free Do-It-Yourself Staff Paper

2. Note Naming Games

3. A Passion for Jazz: A comprehensive site for you Jazz lovers out there and anyone interested in learning about the Jazz music style.   

4. PracticeSpot Rhythm Gym: Get a rhythmic workout testing your rhythm reading skills.  Ample quarter note/eighth note drills from which to choose.  View drill in PDF file while at the same   time listening to it as a MIDI file.  A great way to check you work!

5. Multimedia Music Dictionary

  • Videos

1.  This upbeat bebop tune "Periscope" was a blast to play at the Holiday Recital 2013!

2.  I performed the famous tune "Skating" by Vince Guaraldi at the Holiday Recital 2011.

3. This workshop lecture given by Evelyn Glennie offers some amazing insight to the art of LISTENING.  Evelyn is deaf but as she teaches, there are many other ways to hear.  I believe listening is the most important skill one must develop if one is to be free enough to fully express oneself musically or otherwise.  Evelyn also gives wonderful advice for making music and living life in general.  And what a fantastic percussionist!


4. Here is a very little, Little Richard appearing in the 1946 film "No Leave, No Love."  Very creative piano technique!  It definitely gets the job done.

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